Olga before the accident

This page is dedicated to Olga Sorokina, a victim of a hit-and-run accident and our dearest friend.
She is a wonderful lively person with strong will to live and tons of creativity, and we, her friends and now friends of her friends and many other wonderful caring people, are trying to make a difference in her life by helping her with various projects of hers and doing our best to raise money and donate time, so that Olga can improve her health, obtain rehabilitation and get much needed surgery done in order to feel more free and accomplished.

Olga in hospital in Israel, September 2009

2007 New Year Eve Celebration


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Site contents

Medical Records

We have posted Extracts from Olga’s medical records, in case anybody would be interested to know a little bit more about what she has gone through.

Olga’s Story

"It is very impressive, how well Olga's story is written, and - mind it! - it's not a translation from Russian, Olga has written everything in English from the beginning. Of course, there was a little bit of editing involved, but her style is excellent and there is a lot of feeling in her writing. If you know Olga and haven't read her Story yet, please read it! If you don't know her close, there is even more sense in reading it, because you can see her and her personality so vividly in those lines." wrote Ira.

Olga’s Texts

Olga is constantly improving her personality and her abilities in different fields, other than working on her health. She is becoming a very good writer, her English is better from day to day. She is an avid learner and is deeply interested in culture, politics, art, lives of friends and many other things. This site not only recounts Olga's experiences and her current situation, but also offers a place for exploring her interests and ideas.

Contact  Details

Up-to-date details on how to contact Olga.



The number of people involved in helping Olga to get treatment is growing. Colleagues from Medical Emergency Relief volunteered to help when Rendt Gorter talked about Olga's story during a visit there in August of 2004. Olga worked for several years for the Moscow office of MERLIN. They subsequently made connections with relevant medical specialists in Germany who in turn offered to consider possible ways for medically examining and treating Olga, while avoiding excessive costs. 
Friends of Rendt's mother, Heide Gorter in Germany, have been volunteering assistance with the organization of the trips to Berlin for medical consultation and to Pforzheim for modern physiotherapy treatment. Small and bigger financial pledges have been made by different people from different countries. Help was also offered with further arrangements for Olga's stay in the Germany. 
Thank you to all who have responded positively so far. Once we have obtained more medical advice for further treatment, we can begin planning for this. That will be the time when contributions and voluntary assistance with organization will become even more critical. 


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